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Eternity Church Organ

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Marcos Ciscar

A highly detailed and exquisitely sampled Church Organ built in 1790 for Kontakt. 

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Eternity Church Organ
Marcos Ciscar
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Product Overview

Eternity Church Organ is a highly detailed and exquisitely sampled instrument for Kontakt. 

Eternity Church Organ was recorded from the organist’s perspective from an original Swedish Church Organ built in 1790. The organ was modernized in 1981 and newly renovated and expanded in 2015.






The recordings: 24 bit – 96 kHz, dithered to 44,1 kHz. Five microphones – three in front of the instrument and two in the center of the church. The room ambience was mixed into the sound and is central in the release notes.

The reverb: At first, a custom-made IR from the church was used but was rejected due to phase issues. In the final product the reverb IR is based upon an IR created on a traditional reverb unit imitating the church ambience.
Use the reverb to position the listener further out in the church room.

Presets: 48 (24 x 2) The presets are presented with or without NBN. 14 original organ stops were recorded together with 10 combinations curated by Marcos Ciscar. The selection was made using stops from all three manuals and the note range is C2 - A6 (58 notes per stop).

Pedals (+): Five pedal combinations were recorded. The lowest octaves are added to the keyboard sound in the following presets: Fifth evangelist, Interstellar 2, Midnight mass, Principal 8 and Tutti. These presets are marked with a plus (+). The lowest note is C1.

NBN: Neighbor-borrowing-notes. Generated with Big Bob´s Ultra TKT script. Used with kind permission. The NBN version of a preset works best for rapid staccato playing as a single note never repeats itself directly. The downside is that the processing might add a bit of latency.

Compare the two versions of the presets and choose the one that works best in your context.

LNK: This means that all three keyboards on the church organ are linked so all three sound sources play simultaneously.

All samples have been noise-cleaned. Even so, some of the organ stops, such as "Borduna 16" have an inherent pipe noise that is part of the sound. This is completely normal.
Sound design / sampling / audio demos by Marcos Ciscar.
Copyright Marcos Ciscar © 2021
Great thanks to Bosse Landberg, Kerstin Chrunak and Thomas Nilsson at the church of Filipstad, Sweden.

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Stops: Blockflöjt 2, Bombarde 16, Borduna 16, Dulcian 16, Gedakt 8, Hålflöjt 4, Principal 8, Principal Linked, Rörflöjt 4, Rörflöjt 8, Spetsflöjt 8, Trechterregal 8, Tutti, Waldflöjt 2
Some of the names of the stops are in Swedish, exactly like on the organ itself. Tremulant (tremolo) is used on some of the stops.

Combinations: Fifth evangelist: Kvintadena 8, Principal 4, Sesquialter 2 ch, Scharf 4 ch, Dulcian 16, Trechterregal 8 with tremolo on (earlier Krumhorn 8)

Interstellar 1: This combination is secret

Interstellar 2: Principal 16, Principal 8, Spetsflöjt 8, Oktava 4, Rörflöjt 4, Oktava 2, Kvinta 2 2/3 (New stop, earlier Cymbel 3 ch)

Light and darkness: Oktava 4, Gedaktflöjt 4, Mixtur 4–5 ch

Midnight mass: Spetsflöjt 8, Rörflöjt 4, Kvinta 2 2/3

Passionata: This combination is secret

Roses in grey: Principal 16, Spetsflöjt 8

Serenity: Salicional 8, Voix celéste 8

The pious queen: Spetsflöjt 8, Rörflöjt 4

Veils in the wind: Oktava 4, Gedaktflöjt 4


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