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Aria Drums and Percussion Bundle
Aria Sounds


Aria Drums and Percussion Bundle

Whats Included:


Colossal Toms
Surdos and Snares

Aria Sounds Finest Drum Libraries




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Bundle Overview

The Aria Sounds Drums and Percussion bundle contain 3 of the finest drums and percussion libraries from Aria Sounds.

Included Libraries are Surdos and Snares, Catalyst and Colossal Toms

Please see individual product pages for details.

This Bundle Includes:

Colossal Toms

Colossal Toms is an ensemble of eight separately playable toms, with tunings from large and deep to high. One of the things that really makes this library stand out, easy to use, and realistic, is that we tried to max out the velocity layers, so each hit has up to 127 different, separately recorded dynamics.

This means, on top of the fact that you virtually eliminate the problem of hearing one sample twice too soon, creating an artificial sound, but you can obtain extremely realistic performances.


Catalyst is a high quality sample library, consisting of epic drums, ethnic drums and many other cinematic percussion instruments. All real drums and percussion instruments have four blendable mic positions (close, overhead, mid, far) for ultimate control over the sound, as well as up to five round robins per note, and multi dynamic layers.

Each drum was recorded with different types and sizes of sticks/mallets, and combined with the multi mic positions, there is a huge variety of different sounds that you can get out of each instrument.

The further mic patches can be utilized for that broad huge cinematic sound, whilst the closer mics can add punch, and can also be suitable on their own for things like pop songs.

Surdos and Snares

Surdos and Snares boasts over 6GB of sample data with 127 dynamic layers for full realism, and an extremely controllable sound and soundscape with various techniques - consisting of an ensemble of eight separately playable, differently pitched toms ARIA Sounds are proud to present "Surdos & Snares", a percussion ensemble consisting of three snares and three surdo drums, all placed in the displayed formation, and reproduced faithfully.

Aria have absolutely pushed the authenticity to the limit with this library. There are 127 dynamic layers per hit/technique/key in these drums, which provides even more benefits than the obvious lack of repetition, or the dreaded "machine-gun effect".

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