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Voice of Gaia Bundle


Voice of Gaia Bundle

Whats Included:


Voice of Gaia: Bryn
Voice of Gaia: Franscesca
Voice of Gaia: Strawberry

This bundle includes all of our Voice Of Gaia exotic and indie vocal soloists: Francesca Genco, Linda Strawberry and Bryn at a combined discount of 30% off the normal price




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Bundle Overview

Download all 3 Voices of Gaia product at 30% lower than buying them individually

This Bundle Includes:
Image supporting Voice of Gaia: Bryn

Voice of Gaia: Bryn

Voice Of Gaia: Bryn is an eclectic male tenor solo vocal library featuring the talents of Bryan Lane (aka “Bryn”).

While trained in operatic vocal techniques, his own personal style draws from much broader and older vocal styles, inspired in equal parts by Middle-Eastern and American Spiritual and Gospel music. He delivers a dark, passionate intensity to his performances that will pull you in. At over 6GB and 7816 samples, this library offers deep content variety and exceptional user flexibility.

Image supporting Voice of Gaia: Francesca

Voice of Gaia: Francesca

Voice Of Gaia: Francesca Genco is an all-new exotic female solo mezzo-soprano library featuring the esteemed vocal talents of Francesca Lilac Genco.

Her evocative and dynamic voice can been heard in countless TV, game and film soundtracks. She sings dramatic fusions of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian vocal styles, creating her own language.

This 6.7 GB library includes over 8300 samples, a complete chromatic articulation selection, powerful melodic phrases with tempo-synching and key select options. It's all built into a flexible, full-featured modern GUI interface.

Image supporting Voice of Gaia: Strawberry

Voice of Gaia: Strawberry

Voice Of Gaia: Strawberry is a professional solo mezzo-soprano female vocal library featuring premier vocalist Linda Strawberry Coloma. This 5.4 GB collection features deeply sampled 'Ah' legato, a variety of vowel sustains and staccatos and thousands of customizable live tempo-synching melodic micro phrases in various keys and styles that can be instantly chopped and sequenced into your own custom arrangements.

Known for her work with Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins and numerous other collaborations and solo projects, Linda's voice has a intense, dynamic and truly expressive quality perfect for everything from cinematic scoring, EDM and dreampop to industrial and world music. Her rich, mysterious and passionate voice and distinctive emotive style burn through the mix.

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